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How Telehealth Is Expanding Health/Care, Everywhere
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual care across many platforms, from video conferencing with clinicians to heath consumers' growing use of mobile health apps. Jane will discuss the driving forces fostering telehealth demand and supply, which quickly stood up from the beginning of the public health crisis, attracting new investment dollars into digital health companies through the third quarter of 2020. Jane will describe five key factors emerging in the pandemic that have re-shaped health consumers, priming people for self-care and their homes as health hubs and ethos as health citizens in light of peoples' collective coronavirus experience. Jane will conclude with implications of telehealth and virtual care platforms for the consumer health industry and welcome brainstorming about opportunities afforded by telehealth with attendees during the Q&A session.

Webinar Objectives
1). To identify the key market forces driving growth of telehealth and virtual care platforms that consumer healthcare companies should track.
2). To share perspectives on driving forces re-shaping patients as consumers and health citizens experienced during the pandemic public health crisis.
3). To inspire consumer healthcare companies to identify and engage in opportunities afforded by telehealth and virtual care that can empower and engage patients/consumers which drive health outcomes and loyalty.


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